Know More About Fascia A Connecting Tissue

Fascia is a connective tissue mainly collagen, under the skin that join, soothe, surround, and divide muscles and other interior organs. It is classified into different layers that are deep fascia, superficial fascia, and visceral layers.

Fascia is an important part of our body it is made up of gristly connective tissue consists of bunch of collagen fibers that are closely packed. Fascia is lithe and able to oppose great stress and other effects that harm our body. The main purpose of fascia in our body is to surround muscles.

Fascia is basically passive structures that mainly transfer outer body activities to the internal part of the body for proper function. Muscle fascia helps to trim down friction of muscular force. Fascia is act like a covering around nerves and blood vessels. As it is across nerves offer them support.

Fascia is no doubt very important in our body, but due to some reason like injury, mobility problem during old age or any muscle stress causes fascia of our body which reduce strength as well as the power of our body. Sometime we feel muscle pain but don’t know the exact reason in that case your body need Fascial stretch therapy.  A therapy from professionals which maintain a different section of body so that you can live and enjoy your life.

FST stretch and warm up our muscles regularly keep the fascia from locking up and recover it for proper functioning of the body. Gentle Fascial stretch therapy helps to get relief from pain and also improve posture as well as tackle your all mobility problem.

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