Patient Testimonials

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Hear from happy clients who recommends Stretch Works to anyone who wants to feel better in life.

Fascial stretch therapy is an amazingly versatile technique that can be used to treat a variety of ailments, such as sciatica; fibromyalgia; joint, hip, knee and back pain; Parkinson’s disease; piriformis syndrome; temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ, TMD), plantar fasciitis and many more. 

Overall Well-Being

Cinda and her husband both suffered from join pain and back issues. Today they are both regularly active and living life to the fullest.

Back and Hip

Kurt is a retired firefighter who was suffering from back and hip pain and could not find any relief.

Megan couldn’t walk but after just two FST sessions, she has been able to return to her normal, everyday activities.

Bill Nordstrom was experiencing strong sciatica pressure. After just one session, Howard was able to relieve the pressure, so Bill could get back to his fast-pace lifestyle.


Jamie injured her shoulder and could no longer play volleyball. After completing just one FST session, she saw noticeable improvement.


Patient X was walking with a cane and his equilibrium was poor. After just a few weeks of FST treatment, he doesn’t need the cane any longer.