About Stretch Works

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Howard Yackee, Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist

Stretch Works was founded by Howard Yackee, a certified fascial stretch therapist who wants to share the benefits of this assisted stretching technique with his clients. A health enthusiast, Howard is also a certified personal trainer, a certified fitness nutrition coach and a certified bio-identical hormone specialist.

He founded Stretch Works when he saw for himself how successful FST is at treating many of the underlying symptoms suffered by his clients.

“If we want to live 100 years pain-free and with a maximum range of motion, we must stretch our bodies. We can eliminate so many potential problems through fascial stretch therapy and improve our spine support, our muscles and our cardiovascular system. FST also will help alleviate symptoms caused by degenerative diseases, may allow you to delay or eliminate surgery and more. Many of the discomforts people suffer are results of issues they have with their joints.”

– Howard Yackee, Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist and Founder of Stretch Works

Stretch Works Mission, Philosophy & Promise

It is our mission to provide pain relief and healing using fascial stretch therapy, and it is our philosophy to help improve the lives of others. Using fascial stretch therapy, we help people rehabilitate their bodies, resolve musculoskeletal strain disorders, and experience relief from pain and other problems that have troubled them for years. You will enjoy immediate improved core stability, joint mobility, strength and flexibility when you properly apply fascial stretching.

At Stretch Works, we realize that your life is busy and your schedule can be unpredictable. Howard offers you flexibility with in-home appointments that align with your schedule.